Professional Writing Careers to Chase Your Dreams

Do you believe that you can begin and grow your career in writing? Most people think that writing can be the best careers for writers. The reality is that most people earn their living through writing. Some take up writing as their full-time job. Whether you are n your twenty’s or forties or at retirement age, you can make a living out of writing.

So what is the best career paths for writers? Writing career path is wide. You can take any route and grow both your skill and income. Identifying a specific niche for writing may be overwhelming; however, you need to take time and determine what you need to pursue. Most of the established writer’s work with multiple areas of writing. Before they land on a specific well-paying niche, they have spent most of their time writing in other different fields. Here are some of the writing careers you can use to chase your dream.

Writing novels and fiction content

Some people make a kill by writing novels and fiction books for kids. Fiction writing has a wide application. You can create romantic fiction books and create touching content that readers will enjoy and be ready to pay for your work. The specialty may need high creativity while generating engaging content for your audience. If you are serious with your career as a fiction or novel writer, you may even publish your content and sell it to your target audience. If you are new to this type of creative work, seek help from those already in the field. They are the best people to help you improve your skills and grow in your career.

Another way of learning to grow in this fiction and novel writing is by reading others work. Find a fiction piece or a novel and find what others have done. It will help you learn how to structure your work and present your creative ideas on paper.

Do you need training for this type of writing? Yes! You may go for any training that suits your time, passion and budget to become a fiction writer. But if you feel you are ready and you understand the basics of writing, go for it.

Journalistic writing

If you have a passion for this type of writing, seek professional training. Most people who need this type of work requires trained journalists. If you feel you need to write this type, consider seeking professional training from a recognized institution before proceeding in this writing career path. Journalism media studies open up radio presenter opportunities, featured articles, news writing and reporting, among others.

Nonfiction writers

Which type of academic qualification do you need to become a nonfiction writer? Nonfiction writing is the best career for writers who need to grow their skills without a specifically related job. Most people doing this type of writing have varied academic backgrounds. In this type of no journalistic career, you need passion and experience in your areas of specialization. For instance, if you are a medical writer, you need training in medicine.

If you need training in this type of writing, go to the internet. Use different internet platforms to learn new skills and better your writing.

Comedy writing

Comedy writing is another form of creative writing that most people do. Unlike other forms of writing, comedy needs support from other peers to review your work. Their feedback will help you know what is funny and the likes of your audience. Most successful comedy writers will advise you can’t do good comedy writing without support and critique from others.


Copywriting is a career path for writers who need to make money by generating content for websites or any other business to create the brand and present itself professionally. Copywriters thrive on a passion for developing new content for their clients. If you love creating further information about brands or products, copywriting will help you grow in your writing career path.


There are several paths to your dream jobs for creative writers. Depending on your skills and passion, you can always go for what you feel suits you.

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