Best Tips to Get Writing Jobs Abroad

There are many international travel writing jobs that you can secure by pitching them while at your coffee table. Securing travel writing jobs abroad such as freelancer and photographer is the right path to follow. Digital writers love international travel writing jobs. But since they have high competition, you should follow this brief guide to secure one.

The following are some of the successful tips on how to get international travel writing jobs.

Build relationships

You can secure international travel writing jobs by building relationships and networking with people you meet. Networking is the necessary feature aspect of a career. It can begin with coffee, which progressed to a freelance writing assignment, and now the actual travel writing jobs abroad.

You will always not know what will happen to you in the next minute. It is crucial to building relationships, at all times, by having business cards printed ready to be given to people you meet.

Look for English-speaking media jobs broad

Countries that do not speak English require a lot of English language publications. Looking for English-speaking media jobs is a perfect opportunity you should utilize when looking for travel writing jobs abroad. Make sure to try your luck in countries that do not speak English and use it as a choice to pitch your freelance writing.

Ensure your pitch is perfect

Ensure you know the publication you want to pitch before; you float ideas for travel writing jobs abroad. Make sure you can answer questions within your pitch. The questions that are likely to be asked include how long you take to deliver the story? What is the background of your professionalism? You should keep in mind that editors utilize timely pitches, and therefore, you should submit your publication earlier for the editor to go through before it is published.

Possess a unique angle always

Editors are looking for people; with unique stories from what they are publishing, but it should merge with their editorial policies. If you are looking for international travel writing jobs, you should not go with a publication that many people have done. Try not to settle on the simple pitch. This idea should cut across all the travel writing jobs abroad you are looking for

Consider commencing with another job before venturing into travel writing jobs abroad

Starting with another job first is the best path to follow. It is simpler, to begin with, a traditional work, for example, teaching English when you go to a non-English speaking country. Though it does not pay well, it will enable you to maneuver legal issues, and from there, you are now free to look for stories. Other than this, you can secure an internship opportunity or volunteer; to help you get away to the country and get connected with the locals as you earn their language.

Everything should not be about you

When looking for an international travel writing jobs, you should not tie your stories to be all about you. Making fantasies to be all about you might look boring to the editor. The best way is to include people who are surrounding your o make the story more interesting. It is impossible to take viewers to a foreign destination such as Africa and make the whole story to be about you alone.

However, you can add yourself to bring more experience and feelings, but it should contribute to the strongness of the story. When it comes to international travel writing jobs, it is not all about you!


Securing an international travel writing jobs is not an easy task. If that is the case, everybody will obtain the; job. However, the above article has focused on six guiding briefs that will help your secure travel writing jobs abroad easier. Read through them and take note of what it entails. You are now ready to pitch for a publication. Go for it!

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